Thoughts on job searching

When I am actively looking for work, I actually base my a part of my decision whether or not I’d want to work for a place, on if the company’s logo looks good.  I just saw a company’s logo being a whole bunch of faux-pixelated boxes with Myriad font in horrendous colors.  I calmly closed that tab.  And all I know is that I don’t ever want business cards, wherever I work; every time I have ever gotten business cards from a company, that has pretty much been the kiss of death for me.

Anyway, it’s back to normal life for me this week, hopefully.  Used the excuse of coming back from a road trip last week for throwing me off my schedule, routine, and spent too many days sleeping in, not jogging or lifting, and eating like a got-damn pig.  Getting back to some work would be nice.