Dear Diary,

I am, in a foul fucking mood today.  Normally hanging out at airports doesn’t really bother me, but today, I’m apparently absolutely livid.  And for no genuine real reason.  It must be indicative to the general state of me, considering this has been the first entirely dry week for me in quite some time, and I do not not apparently deal well with the boredom, and lack of productivity.

I have missed three flights to Virginia due to the entire fucking galaxy wanting to get there from Atlanta.  No matter what I see on the company intranet is irrelevant, because upon arriving to the gate, there are about 4-12 people ahead of me every single fucking flight.  I can’t even find a place to sit; I’m relegated to sitting in the gate of a recently departed flight to Jacksonville, Florida, about a mile away from the appropriate gate I should be waiting at, because this airport prides itself on being the busiest in the world, but really means to be the least efficient and most fucking crowded.

The honest truth is that I didn’t even really want to go to Virginia this weekend; but wanting to actually spend some time with my dad on his birthday is fairly important and justifiable for exerting the effort to do such, but if it were for any other reason, I’d likely have just stayed home this weekend, and watched baseball in my own backyard instead.

I’m trying to make the best of all this bullshit, but I’ve waded in it enough for a day already, with a very low threshold to begin with.  But I really need to find some good news or some relaxation somewhere, because I’m having some pretty dark and violent fantasies lately; the last one being wishing I could kick out the back of someone’s knee, pulverizing them, and then snapping their neck; for no reason other than they were walking too fucking slow and in not a straight line, so they were always perfectly in my line of walking.  Not to mention they were a fat, worthless fuck.

Wow, I’m in desperate need for some happy shit.  Hoping for a happy fucking weekend on Friday the fucking 13th.  Someone call the good news bear, and get me some fucking honey.  Fuck.