Photos: Portland, Oregon Day Trip

As I mentioned on Monday, I went to Portland, Oregon on a whim.  Simply put, I wanted to see the Portland Beavers minor league baseball team, at their own place, PGE Park, before the season ended, and Monday was the only plausible game that I could have a chance to make it to.  Fly in the morning, take advantage of the time change, watch baseball, wander around the city for a few hours, take red-eye flight back home.  Everything went exactly as planned . . . except for that last part.  I guess it’s not a baseball season until I get stuck somewhere far the fuck away from home at least once.  I think I’m really going to reconsider standby flying when it comes to the West Coast for future reference.  But it was still an awesome trip.  I’ll probably write more about it later on when I finish up my backlog of things I want to write about.

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I really think there are actual squatters living in the foreclosed home two houses down from mine. They’re often outside, to the point where they’re putting benches underneath shady trees to get reprieve from the sun, and one of them is always on his laptop outside, like he’s leeching off of someone’s WiFi. The lights are never on inside the house, and the state of the plumbing is definitely questionable. More than a few times, I have jogged by the home, with the alarm system being audible, since they run on auxiliary power. I’m not exactly sure what protocol is with this kind of situation, calling the HOA is useless since Zombieland’s HOA is about as competent as a quadriplegic track star, so I’m actually thinking about calling the cops at some point. Is that even logical?