Grumble grumble

It cost me $41.82 to fill my gas tank today.  I haven’t seen a $40+ gas fill up since the gas crisis of ’08.  But I guess I should be fortunate that I didn’t have to covertly go out at midnight to get the fuel, so I didn’t have to wait in any egregious lines.  But still, in a time when I’m literally scraping by, feeling the noose tightening at all times, and struggling to make ends meet, such a sight is kind of mortifying.

I like cold weather

Not a lot of people do, which is puzzling to me.  I hate being hot, which is ironic, considering my love of baseball makes me have to endure 100 degree weather from time to time.  But I love that this time of the year, temperatures appropriately drop, and I don’t mind being outside so much.  I like the feeling of long sleeves and warm clothing, and the instantaneous warming of stepping inside from the cold.  The same cannot be said when we’re all hot, sweaty and miserable feeling going into an air-conditioned structure.  But most importantly, one thing I really love about this time of year is when I get to utilize the heated seats in my car, which does an excellent job of fighting off the morning chill.