Photos: Dexter’s Condominium

Behold – the real life condominium where Dexter Morgan lived in, in the greatest show in the world, Dexter.  I found out where it was located through a fan website, and decided that I had to see it with my own two eyes.

To no surprise, it’s a gated community, with seemingly no real car entrance in front of it.  Dexter’s condo, which is towards the right tip of the shown photograph, is actually the back part of this property, and there’s no way to just pass by in a car, since it faces the Biscayne Bay Harbor (Butcher).  But I am a determined individual, and as easy as it would have been to hop the low fence they have to keep trespassers out, I simply relegated to sticking my body through some shrubs and palm trees, and taking some paparazzi-style pictures from within the foliage.

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Photos: Miami Trip, Day 2

An ice truck in Miami.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Day 2 of my trip to Miami featured a little bit of beach, more baseball back at Marlins’ SunLiphinShark Player Robbie Stadium which more or less kind of sucked to no surprise, and then a little bit of evening wandering around South Beach after the previously shown kayaking experience.  BTW, kayaking renting done through South Beach Kayak, to which I would highly recommend if anyone else were to be interested in doing the same.

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Photos: Kayaking in South Beach Miami

This was easily the best activity I did while down in Miami, and if there’s anything at all that salvaged my opinion of the city entirely, this would be it.  I got to rent a kayak for two hours, and paddle around the south end of Biscayne Bay, and although I didn’t visit Monument Island like most other kayakers do (I wasn’t made aware of it), I still had an absolute blast paddling around the bay, going underneath bridges, causeways and shit, and simply enjoying the Miami sun, breeze, and views of the city.

I also learned that Miami really is a lot of what they show on television and movie montages, meaning at all times of the daylight, are there speedboats, yachts, and jet skis flying around, all being ridden by hot sexy co-eds with six pack abs, fake tits, tight asses, and skimpy bikinis.  Not that I’m complaining in the least bit, I just thought it was funny that it really was reality, and not just glamorized truths by the media.

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Miami and I seem to be incompatible

Disclaimer: This rant was originally written at close to 4:00 a.m., before I went to bed after my first day in Miami, Florida.

I don’t want to jump the gun here too much, and the truth is that I am having a good time down here in Miami so far. I should really be asleep, since I have to be up in less than five hours to ensure that my rental car isn’t ticketed for when the parking lot goes from free parking, into pay parking for the prime parts of the beach days, but I’ve got a lot on my mind about my experiences in the city of Miami so far, and I’d like to get them in writing while they’re still fresh on my mind.

In short, Miami is no doubt a lively, bustling city, but the truth is that this is most absolutely definitely certainly not a place I’d ever want to fathom living. In my opinion, Miami sucks, and I’m not going to miss this place one bit when my trip is over.  Some of my favorite shows like Dexter and Nip/Tuck may take place here, but damn if those shows do a fantastic job of making this place look a whole hell of a lot better than the cesspool that I’m finding this place to be.

Now part of it can be my fault for taking the same cost-effective approach I take on my of my other baseball road trips, but the truth is that such an approach has yielded some genuinely good results in the past.  It’s just this approach in Miami has me led to believe that this is possibly one of the worst places in the country.

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Photos: Miami trip, Day 1

This is a real-life alligator, in its natural habitat, in the Florida Everglades.  When I took this picture, it was literally three feet away from me, and if you can’t tell, it is staring right at me, since I was sitting at the edge of the airboat that I was riding, on tour of the Everglades.  In the wild, alligators are not afraid of humans, and act accordingly to intruders on silly airboats, daring anything to come into the water and not immediately be brought down on the food chain.

It was quite fascinating overall, and a fun experience seeing gators in the wild, but that was only one of the things that I did in my first day in Miami.  Naturally as is the norm with all my summer travels, there was baseball involved, and then an evening spent at an improv comedy show, topped off my Colombian hot dogs.

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Camera upgrade

This is the first official picture I took on a new camera I have recently acquired.  The dog has outlived all of my prior cameras, from the Olympus brick, the Olympus Stylus, and my Sony CyberShot which is actually still in use, for dirty, grunt work.  I thought about taking a step up and going into the world of DSLRs, but let’s be frank here; I’m not a pro, I don’t pretend to be a pro, and I’m more about candid, goofy photography, and for such needs, another, albeit better point-and-shoot is all I really need.  Hopefully my decision to stop bullshitting with inferior brands will pay off, and this Canon PowerShot will provide years of superior low-light shots and baseball photos to come.

A barrage of posts will be imminent, also.

Real Men Don’t Wear Small Update: Sun Life Stadium, Miami, Florida

I was in Miami last weekend.  I’ll post more on that when I get the opportunity to do so, but the primary reason was to go visit the Florida Marlins ballpark, before they ditch the “Florida,” and become the Miami Marlins in 2012, complete with brand new ballpark.  Real Men Don’t Wear Small update featuring the Marlins’ final season at Sun Life Stadium, in Miami, Florida.