A day in the life of 99.9999% of Korean men*

  • 0730 – Wake up
  • 0731 – Smoke
  • 0800 – Leave for work
  • 0801 – Smoke in car
  • 0820 – Get stuck in Atlanta traffic
  • 0821 – Smoke in frustration
  • 0855 – Arrive at work
  • 0900 – Smoke break
  • 0910 – Run into Korean co-worker on the way back in
  • 0911 – Don’t want buddy to smoke alone
  • 1000 – Starbucks walk
  • 1010 – Smoke on the way back
  • 1020 – Brush teeth in men’s room rid smoke breath
  • 1030 – Actual work
  • 1200 – Smoke break
  • 1230 – Lunch
  • 1230 – Smoking also
  • 1330 – Brush teeth again
  • 1335 – Work
  • 1500 – Smoke break
  • 1515 – Work
  • 1600 – Smoke break
  • 1615 – Realize it’s past 4pm, phone in day, go smoke
  • 1700 – Leave
  • 1700 – Smoke on the way to the car
  • 1710 – Get stuck in Atlanta traffic
  • 1711 – Smoke in frustration
  • 1735 – Victory smoke in getting out of traffic
  • 1800 – Arrive home
  • 1805-2200 – Eat dinner, polish off pack of smokes, etc

*does not include dannyhong


Beware the Chinese

Remember in Civilization, eventually you build up enough technology and knowledge, and your civilization develops into modern times? Pavement is discovered and integrated, gone are straw huts and mud homes, in place of actual buildings and skyscrapers. And you get to witness all this advancement throughout game play, and you feel this sense of accomplishment and talent at deftly building your society, and advancing them through the times.

But in the blink of an eye, another country comes in and invades your towns and cities. If you cannot defend yourself from them, they will take over your properties. And in doing such, often times, they will steal your technology and knowledge, but in some cases, they’re more or less comparable primates, and they take your land back a few eons of development.

Take note of how New York City looks – before China invades and takes over the world.

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A vampire.

When I’m at work, the workload over the summer has been feast or famine.  I won’t get into the bickering inner-workings of the employee pool here, but the fact of the matter is that there are times in which I have an egregious amount of downtime, in which I’m left with absolutely nothing to do.  I can only peruse the same blogs and websites over and over again before the wells dry up, and before I know it, my mind is going crazy, and my eyes are ready to fall out from lack of stimulation.

So lately, I’ve been scouring Wikipedia, randomly clicking links, to see where the olive branches take me next; yeah, it really can get that bad.  I got onto comic books, and I realized that Wikipedia is a wonderful resource at catching up with storylines, and filling in some broad gaps at what’s happened to which characters throughout the years in which I lose track of comic books.

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For all my dead homies

Every day without fail, the people at Starbucks put too much coffee in my cup even after I ask them for room for cream.  So every day I pour a little bit of my coffee out into the waste basket.

It’s whenever I do this that I hear myself telling me in my own head, “to pour out a little bit for my dead homies.”

I don’t even have any dead homies (that I’m aware of), but every time, I hear the words in my head when I’m pouring out a little bit of coffee into the trash in honor of my dead homies.  It makes me snicker and laugh, regardless.


Hank Conger

If I told you that about this baseball player named “Hank Conger,” most people would get the image in their head of a white guy.  Probably a sleepy-eyed Texan, closely associated with Hank Hill, from King of the Hill, since come on, just how many people out there really are named “Hank” anyway?

Well, pictured above is the real Hank Conger, a catcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County, California.  Not what you were expecting, huh?

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