Deadbeat college football fans lol

This is kind of riotous to me. I like college football pretty well, but the sheer infatuation expressed by some people down here in SEC country is downright pathetic. I don’t have particularly high regard to the collective intelligence of the various fanbases’ hive mentalities, but if I could place any two at the very bottom of the barrel, it would most definitely be Alabama and Auburn; it’s not much of a coincidence to me that they’re both in the state of Alabama. However, with that in mind, I really have to take my hat off to this Alabama police department for coming up with an ingenious, sadistic, and twisted trap plan to bust deadbeat parents who haven’t been paying their child support – make them think they’ve won something, before taking away from them everything… brilliant!

I love watching this parade of deadbeats of all races and genders, succumbing to their mindless allegiance to either Alabama or Auburn at the obviously too-good-to-be-true news that they’ve won free tickets to the Iron Bowl (annual game pitting the two schools), and show up all happy and joyous, before they’re tricked and arrested. Not too shabby of a plan, coming from the dregs of the southern states. Well done.