This would amuse me greatly

It all started with a story about a baseball commentator who used the word “sissy” on the air, when a baseball player didn’t steal a base when the situation was pretty much begging him to do such. Innocent enough, perhaps a little too opinionated for a baseball broadcast, but “sissy” is an age-old innocuous jab that still gets the point across to a PG audience.

Or so we thought.

The LGBT comes marching on in, with their metaphorical torches and pitch forks, calling for this commentator’s head because he used the term “sissy,” and according to their manifesto of bullshit, it’s apparently a derogatory term used to describe “them.”  I didn’t realize lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people were all one and the same.

Long story short, the commentator had to publicly apologize for doing his job, despite probably not meaning it, which is completely fine with me, mostly to get the LGBT to get off his back and STFU.  All because he said the word “sissy.”

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