How are these legal?

While I’m on the subject of license plates, with the exception posted previously, I tend to blur out plates, out of an unnecessary courtesy.  It just seems like the right thing to do if I’m going to post the rest of these anonymous vehicles on the interwebs.  That being said, I would like to state that the car in the proceeding image is 100% unedited.  No Gaussian blur, no mosaic, no smudge tool applied.  Yet, can anyone make out the license plate at all?

Which begs me to ask, how are these blackened-out license plate covers legal?  The point of a plate is to provide identification to who might be driving the car, and to have a means of identification in the event that some accountability needs to be applied to a party.  But these covers make plate legibility almost impossible beyond being right behind it.  I guess I don’t have to guess too hard to imagine what effect they have versus camera-equipped traffic lights, either.

Does anything on a vehicle scream “I am a shady motherfucker who intends to push the boundaries of what’s legal inside of a vehicle” than these black-out license plate covers?  Think about it.  With these covers, the driver could drive like an idiot; speed, weave, aggro, HOV violate, all of the above, while witnessing motorists are hindered to possibly identify/report these perpetrators.  These drivers could get into an accident, and speed off, knowing that victim(s)/witness(es) would be hindered to take a plate from an escaping vehicle.  And so forth.

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