Photos: Halloween Parties

Ahh, Halloween.  The time of year where everyone can dress like complete weirdos, and it be completely acceptable.  This year saw two costume parties, where my camera made cameos at, one being a pleasant house party courtesy of Bunny and Sean, and the other being the Scoutmob-sponsored party at the Goat Farm.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of myself dressed as WCW United States champion La Parka at Bunny and Sean’s, but there are plenty of pictures of myself having the big gay adventures of Fisto at the Goat Farm.

Much appreciation to Bunny and Sean’s hospitality and the pleasant time at their abode.  Scoutmob can suck a fat one for having a relatively poorly planned event, and not even the included-in-the-cost-of-admission beer and wine (wine, seriously?) could change the fact that it was like 48 degrees that night, and I’m in a costume bare-armed and legged.  Sorta related, I have to admit, it was kind of interesting being objectified for once in my life as the furry brief-wearing Masters of the Universe character, receiving my share of heckled cat-calls from drunk chicks.  The Goat Farm party was okay once I got loaded, but damn if it was far from perfect, and very volatile for genuine sucking.

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Maryland Fail: This much clarification is needed

My criticism of Maryland (drivers) is often dismissed, because I’m a Virginia native; we’re expected to be critical of all things Maryland, as they are supposed to be towards those from Virginia.  But seriously, when I say Maryland drivers are godawful, I mean that they seriously are godawful.  No awareness of their surroundings, an inability to utilize turn signals, and overall a constant threats to be around whilst on the road.

The fact that Maryland drivers need this much clarification to understand a red light speaks volumes.  Apparently, far too often, a Maryland driver has decided to not acknowledge the signal in front of them, and deem the green light for adjacent traffic to be sufficient enough to be the green light for them.  And probably gotten away with it, because Maryland is full of fucking idiots, to where obvious signs like this are necessitated in order to create disclosure.

A confusion of imitation/infringement

So before I came up to Aberdeen prior to the zombie run, I scoured the interwebs for potential things to do, places to see and of course, things to eat. Among the pursuit of unique dining, this story came across. Long story short, popular In-N-Out is suing obscure Aberdeen’s Grab-N-Go for too closely copying their style; as in their logo it too similar, and their menu is also too similar. Considering the fact that In-N-Out’s menu consists of burgers, fries and soda, that’s not particularly difficult for any hamburger restaurant to accomplish.

Anyway, suing Grab-N-Go was probably the biggest favor that In-N-Out could have possibly done, because it has put Grab-N-Go on the map, and inquisitive people like me end up really wanting to visit.

Now look back to the image above: I’ll give In-N-Out the logo, because it really is kind of reminiscent of theirs, with the circle, and the format of the text and the positioning of its sub lines.

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S.T.A.R.S. stands for one thing and one thing only

No matter how much I don’t act the part, sound the part, speak like the part, or live like the part, I am an Asian guy.  No amount of makeup, styles of clothing, or even to some extent surgery could ever change the fact that appearance-wise, I am an Asian guy.

Probably contradictory to something I’ve said in the past, but Halloween costumes don’t offend me.  If a non-Asian person dresses up as something making a mockery of Asian people, fine, I might very well be inclined to counter with something that mocks their culture back in the future.  But I’m not offended by it.

A bunch of students at Ohio University has apparently take it upon themselves to attempt to take the fun out of a chunk of Halloween with these buzzkill PSA posters about how select tasteless Halloween costumes are racist and how it IS NOT OKAY.  That’s fine, I can see that they’re frustrated, and are pretending to have no funny bone to spread an agenda, and are probably hypocritically standing against culturally-mocking Halloween costumes.  If that’s their prerogative, I can accept that.

However, I cannot accept the fact that they’ve given their little student group a name, but not just a name, but an acronym, that stands very dear to my very heart: S.T.A.R.S. Continue reading “S.T.A.R.S. stands for one thing and one thing only”

A tribute to the best pair of athletic shoes I’ve ever owned

With the completion of the muddy and miserable-conditioned zombie run, it’s time I retire these shoes once and for all.  They are without question the best pair of athletic shoes I’ve ever owned, and to say that I’ve gotten my worth out of them is a complete understatement.

Believe it or not, but I’ve had them since 2007.  Now I know that most people who exercise on a fairly regular basis would chide such absurdity as keeping one pair of shoes for so long as I’ve done, but frankly, I’ve never seen the necessity in replacing them.  Either I have tough-like-an-African feet, or I simply got used to and coped with the deterioration of the soles, padding and tread throughout the last five years…

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Celebrating life, instead of mourning passing

A day later, it’s beautiful outside.  One of the nicest days in ages, in spite of the changing of the seasons, and the sporadic rainfall had in Atlanta over the past weeks. The heavens must have been appeased by a most worthy addition received last night.

Jen and I both knew this day was eventually going to come, but in spite of it, nothing ever really could prepare you for when that time comes.  Even in dog years, Nikki was pushing the boundaries of mortality, exceeding 19 human years; regardless, knowing the end is closer doesn’t make it any simpler for when the end does arrive.

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