A weird dream

I had a weird dream the other night.  In this dream, I was pursuing porn star, Bibi Jones.  And when I say “pursuing,” I mean, I was trying to talk to her, and really really hoping she was as easy as she makes herself sound, like on the Howard Stern show.

For whatever reason, we happened to be in a familiar suburban neighborhood near where I grew up in Virginia.  Later on in the dream, I was in a driveway of a house where Bibi Jones happened to be, and across the street I see none other than Bobby “The Brain” Heenan walking in his yard, picking up his morning paper.  One house down, is Ron Swanson, staring that blank and accusatory stare over in my direction, for what reason, I have no idea.

Later on in this dream, I run into two girls I’ve dated in the past, one of whom had a propensity to change her hair color pretty often.  I didn’t recognize her, but apparently Bibi Jones knew who they were and greeted them as she walked past them.  Ironically, neither of them had any idea who Bibi Jones was either.  But anyway, the one who changed her hair color often had her hair pink at the time, and both girls were dressed in obvious bridesmaids dresses.  So the girl with the pink hair reminded me of Krieger’s virtual girlfriend from Archer.

And just when the dream was getting interesting, with my current lust, and two past romantic interests, I wake up.  Figure that.