Neko-Con Stories: Is this really DDR anymore?

Is it really DDR, if you’re 100% reliant on holding the railing throughout the entire durations of every single song you play?  The game is called “Dance Dance Revolution,” not “Hold the Rail and Stomp Hold the Rail and Stomp Revolution (HRSHRSR).”

And these guys were “experts” in the “tournament.”  In every “match,” there was one guy who had a higher score than the other guy, but let’s face it, neither are winners when they’re completely handcuffed to the railing while they have epileptic seizures with their feet, more concerned with the score and not missing any arrows instead of actually, you know, dancing.

Amazingly, despite the fact that every match looked just like the previous match, there was almost always a crowd to watch.  Either they’re really impressed with their scores, or they’re all also contestants waiting for their turn to hold onto the rail and spasm with their legs to the sound of a beat.