Another successful Black Friday

Too easy.  It’s like being pitched a grapefruit to hit.

Although, it was something that kept me laughing for the better part of the day.

I don’t know why I’m writing about Black Friday first, when I’ve got other things that I should be writing first, like my Nanowrimo story that I’m falling behind the pace with, or the baseball column I write every week, but here we stand.

I’ve been awake since 3:00 a.m., and I’ve probably spent around $600 over the last 24 hours.  Some of it is for gift purposes, some of it is for personal indulgence, and some for simply house or useful purposes.  But the good news is that the whole Black Friday experience, which naturally has a very high chance of disappointment, was once again fortuitous for me this year, as it was the last few years I’ve spent Thanksgiving at home, and not traveling.

I bought a new home theater system, since my previous one crapped out on me; note to all, it was a RCA unit, meaning all RCA products are now dead to me.  And the verdict is instantaneously an improvement, as the surround sound on this Panasonic unit is exquisite.  The rest of the stuff I spent money on were mostly clothing, housewares, and miscellaneous things needed around the house, but all in all, I feel good about this Black Friday, and felt an impulse to write about it.  It’s nice to be one not seeking a new television, video game console, computer, tablet or three-item Crock pot, because then the chances of landing what you really want seem slightly better.

Although I thought there would be more for me to write about, apparently there isn’t.  Either fatigue is fucking with my head, or really beyond the ironically humorous visual provided, there really wasn’t that much for me to have written about when I should be saving these words for Nanowrimo instead.

Walking Dead’s Glenn episode ftw

Episode six of Walking Dead season 2 was probably the best episode evar.  Dating back to episode four, I’m ecstatic to see that my Atlanta-based, Korean-American boy, Glenn, is getting some significant character development and face time this season.  Furthermore, my heart and my fandom rejoices for the character, when he gets to have some post-zombie apocalyptic spontaneous sex action with the hot farmer’s daughter, Maggie.

This makes me happy in a myriad of ways:

  • Stephen Yeun playing Glenn is fantastically awesome.  Lauren Cohan playing Maggie is ridiculously hot.
  • It’s always been perceived as kind of taboo to have Asian people actually getting any makeout scenes with non-Asian people.  More so for Asian guys than Asian women.  And even more so for television than in movies.  It took forever for physical affection between interracial pairings to be portrayed in movies, and even longer for it to make it to television.  What I’m trying to say is that this kind of pairing, on cable television, feels like somewhat of an evolution of tolerance and acceptance of this kind of occurrence actually getting to happen.
  • Subsequently, mentally I’m thinking “fuck yeah Glenn, way to score with the hot farmer’s daughter!” which is kind of like living vicariously through a potential fantasy.
  • The Glenn character is getting some much deserved spotlight, and is a refreshing reprieve from ambiguous pregnancy, eventual heel turn and angsty gun-hungry cunt.  He wasn’t just the greaseman for once and was actually getting some lines, action, and a chance to portray a hero and a friend.

But mostly, I’m really just crushing hard on the Maggie character.  I will not look forward to the “mid-season break” that the show will embark on after Sunday, although I understand why it’s being done.  At least the wait won’t be that long, and that they’re not pulling the Sopranos bullshit, of not really letting anyone know when any new episodes would air at all.