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Supermarket Offers Black History Month Special on Fried Chicken

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Giant Food Stores apologized Wednesday after one of its supermarkets advetised a sale on fried chicken in honor of Black History Month.

The chain’s Union Deposit store in Dauphin County had a sign Sunday saying, “In honor of Black History Month, we at Giant are offering a special savings on fried chicken.”

“It did happen. It was at that one store only,” said Denny Hopkins, Giant’s vice president of advertising. “We had a customer bring the sign to us and complain and we immediately took it down.”

“We apologize if that sign offended our customers,” Hopkins said.

Store customer Lance Sellers, 31, of Highspire, said he was shocked and embarrassed when he first saw the sign.

“I showed it to a few of the other customers … all races of people … and they all were stunned. When I approached the store manager about the problem he had the nerve to ask me why it offended me so much.”

Hopkins said the sign was not meant to be offensive. He said he did not know who made the decision to put up the sign.

Paula Diane Harris, president of the Greater Harrisburg Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said the sign reinforces racist stereotypes.

“Not all African-Americans eat fried chicken, greens and chitlins. We like salad, roast beef, low-fat chicken, just like everybody else,” she said.

Giant is sponsoring several programs for Black History Month, including having jazz bands and soul food samples at its Kline Village Plaza and Union Deposit stores, Hopkins said.

Sellers said the sign, which he still has, wouldn’t keep him from shopping at the store.

“We laugh about it,” he said. “How could they put something like that out there?”

Credit for this article comes from Fox News


Black it in, black it in

I was running on the treadmill the other day, and I watched a news report about how there is a law that is trying to be passed nationwide.  A law that states by the year 2014, all new cars will be required to have rear-view cameras.  They could have left it at just that, and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but then the Atlanta iteration of the news proceeds to state that the rationale behind such mandatory requirement would be so that it would become safer to cars to park in reverse.  Safer for cars to back it into parking spaces.  Safer for ridez to black it in.

There’s something ironically humorous that a state whose capital has what feels like a 90% black population, wanting to pass a law for cars to have mandatory rear-view cameras, for the express purpose to make backing into parking spaces easier.



Now I like and appreciate Chipper Jones as pretty much all Braves fans do and should, but there’s no fucking way I’m getting his mugshot tattooed on my body.  To the credit of the tattoo artist, it’s very obviously, and clearly Chipper Jones, but at the same time, that’s not necessarily such a great thing.

I always said it would be nice if my future ex-wife were not completely disgusted with the idea of baseball, but there are lines that even I wouldn’t want crossed.  Seeing Larry Wayne Jones the Third tattooed anywhere on her body is an instant deal-breaker.  And that’s coming from someone with dorky anime tattoos on both his shoulders.


The true baddest man on the planet

As of now, I’ve read no less than three books that have all attested to the simplest fact that the toughest man on the face of the planet is former wrestler, Haku.

The assessment is always the same too; he’s one of the most gentle, kindest people on the face of the planet, but the problem is that he’s a giant, scary looking Tongan man, whom back in the day when wrestling was ambiguous, people at bars kept seeing him as an easy mark to test their own toughness against.  And when other people started fights, Haku always, always finished them.

The details are borderline insane to scary.  He’s bitten a man’s nose off.  He’s broken police handcuffs.  He shook off mace, he inhaled pepper spray.  He’s ripped off ears, gauged out eyes, and in one testament, fish hooked a police officer who tried to detain him, and literally ripped his cheek open.  Clearly, he’s been arrested numerous times, but in an age when wrestlers were obligated to “protect the business,” it’s amazing that people continued to think it was fake when Haku was pretty much literally ripping people apart.

This guy actually exists

There’s a coffee shop I go to every now and then, and I always happen to notice this guy in a wheelchair, just about every time.  And unlike a lot of handicapped people who are kind of either accepting of their situation, or are generally polite and understanding of their handicap, this guy kind of comes off a little bit dickish.

Doesn’t say thank you if I hold the door open for him, I see the way he kind of brusquely wheels around the already-cramped interior of the place, and without really saying excuse me or please in regards to moving chairs or tables so he can park himself, he just does it with no courtesy to others.  I get that he’s handicapped and may harbor some resent in his life as a result, but there’s no reason to take it out on the rest of the world.

Anyway, I was walking around the proximity of the coffee shop the other day, and I saw him wheeling down the sidewalk, evidently on the way to the coffee shop.  For some reason, seeing him outside of the confines of the coffee shop made me think about the wheelchair guy in Ghost Worldwho dickishly exploited the daily trivia question for free coffee, every day, much to the dismay of a barely-legal Scarlett Johansson.

Another good Volkswagen commercial

Despite the fact that I probably wouldn’t aspire to get any of today’s VWs due to the fact that they’re all kind of pricey and honestly, I don’t like the direction of their styling, I have to admit that I really do oftentimes like their marketing.

I find this commercial enjoyable. Obvious mom driving around in a slammed Honda Civic Del Sol, complete with trunk system, fart cannon and under glow, and then coming home seconds before her daughter and her loser boyfriend, where they switch keys.

he message is an obvious one that Volkswagens are safe as opposed to a tricked-out rice rocket, but that’s not necessarily why I like the commercial. I guess as I’ve gotten older and leaving behind the days of when I did like a little rice on my cars in favor of more sensible and practical options. Regardless, the visuals of a mom in a rice rocket is amusing. And she’s a total MILF too.