Forcing upon myself, a break

I have literally spent a quarter of my entire weekend doing nothing but playing Mass Effect 3.  And there is still time for me to play more.  I have played more ME3 than I have slept this weekend, but that’s okay, because whenever I’ve waken up, it’s because of pretty sunshine, and not the obnoxious chiming of an alarm clock in the darkness.  But for the sake of simply doing something else, I have forced upon myself this break, so I can clean some stuff and maybe do something productive.  Instead, I find myself doing the e-rounds, since I haven’t even touched my computer all weekend either, and here we stand.

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Sweet justice

There are few things in life­ that makes me as happy as seeing someone busted for violating the HOV lane.  So imagine my pleasant surprise this morning.

Traffic was especially sweltering, probably due to the fact that in the state of Georgia, it’s spring break for most schools and colleges.  After the section of Interstate 75/85 known as the “Grady Curve,” there are occasionally strategically placed cops sitting in the shoulder, attempting to capitalize on unsuspecting HOV lane violators who can’t see them just ahead, only to come out of the curve to see them way too late to even attempt to get out of the lane for their indiscretion.

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Plant jizz, everywhere

My car is literally green now.  It was way worse in the morning.  I’ve washed all the windows in hopes of tempting Mother Nature karma and triggering some cleansing rain to wash my car before I can wash my car, but I have a feeling it’s not going to work.

It’s 84 fucking degrees in March with pollen counts shattering records.  I fear that this is the summer where it begins to average 102F temperatures, while gas floats around $4 a gallon for months.  I’d snidely say what a great time it is to be alive, but for the current, I actually am not feeling that pessimistic yet.

A preview picture

Nothing says a happy wedding like trolloping around the cemetery for pictures of the wedding party.  Wonderful times.

This is one of approximately 200 photographs I took this past weekend.  They are all RAW files, and are immensely huge.  Needless to say, the days of mowing through 150+ jpegs shot with a sub-7.2MP point-and-shoot with ThumbsPlus are pretty much a distant memory.  That being said, I’m going to need a little bit of time before I post the entire set up, and I’m thinking I might break it apart between the pre-wedding, and the wedding itself.

Tonight, I decided to be responsible and do my taxes.  Best Buy digital software downloading doesn’t make it any easier, and I hate them forever even more as a result, but at least it’s done.  However, that’s one more night where I still haven’t seen the season finale of The Walking Dead, I’m going to miss RAW, and it looks unlikely that I’m going to play any ME3 either.  But still plenty of time to get this preview picture up.  The rest will come eventually, but soon, as I do not slack that hard.  With the bride and groom off for weeks, I feel no urgency to get them up.

Now I’m off to save the galaxy

Despite the fact that I’ve owned the one game I’d been looking forward to for such a very long time for over two weeks now, I haven’t played it yet.  I’ve moved all my Mass Effect 1 & 2 data from one Xbox to another, which was a time-consuming act.  I’ve downloaded all of the shit that came along with the Collector’s Edition, which was a time-consuming act.  I’ve downloaded whatever patches already exist for the game, which was yet more time consumed.  But I haven’t actually started playing Mass Effect 3 yet!

That becomes rectified twenty seconds after I hit “Publish” on this post.  I am now embarking on a journey of intergalactic adventure and probably some virtual sexy time.  Anyone who thinks they can deviate me from such a path meets the fate of what is visually explained above.  The galaxy needs me.


Summary of this commercial:

  • Kid closes refrigerator, clearly disappointed at the inability to find something suitable to snack on
  • Creepy, bug-eyed grape creature stares intensely at kid, and is close
  • Grape creature ejaculates all over kid’s shirt
  • Grape creature turns and runs away, escaping through the pet door
  • Clorox C2® Triple Solve Stain Fighter

I always have unusual and lucid dreams at my parents’ house

Maybe its the ambient noise from the dehumidifier in my old basement, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m in completely pitch black darkness.  Maybe its the old blankets I used to use when I lived here nine years ago, on top of the mattresses which used to be my old bed.

Apparently, much like how I’ve signed up, or planned to be participating in many more runs and obstacle courses, in this dream, I had been running in several different zombie runs.  For all I know, this girl might have been one of the actual zombies I ran past just a few weeks ago.  But for intents and purposes, I had apparently run in zombie runs in Virginia, Toronto, Miami and Boston.  Each time, I noticed that I came across this one girl who was always participating in her own right, as a zombie.

The encounters were always brief, since I always in escape mode most of the time, but with this girl, I always lingered.  Whether it was because I was playing possum, or it was a one-on-one encounter, leading me to take my time and attempt to get up in their grill before trying to get around them.  The fact of the matter was that I kept running into the same girl several times over, and she was apparently appealing to me, even all dressed up as a zombie.

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