Getting old sucks

I didn’t play Mass Effect 1 until Mass Effect 2 came out.  Needless to say, I was a bit late onto the ME2 train, and even then I ended up sitting on the game for about three months until I started playing it because I literally had absolutely nothing else to do on a weekend.  Ultimately, it became my favorite game evar, seriously, even surpassing any and all of the Resident Evil games that I’m also very enamored with, due to the strength of its fun game play, compelling story, and brilliant story telling.

Upon completion of ME2, my initial thoughts were “man, I can’t wait for Mass Effect 3 to come out!  I’m going to pre-order that shit, and get it on release day, and if I’m working then, take that day off!”

Yeah no, none of that shit actually happened.  ME3 has been out for 24 hours now, I do not have it yet, I did not pre-order it, and despite the fact that there is a GameSlut within walking distance from my office, I have no plans of picking up a copy of it yet.  Because, frankly, I can’t find any time to actually play ME3 any time soon.  Mostly, due to the fact that I am in fact, getting old.

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