Latest inductee of the “I give up on life” car club

The 2012 Subaru Impreza

When I speak about cars that say “I give up on life,” I am referring to vehicles, notorious for being driven by people who have pretty much settled down completely in life, cars strictly for practicality, function and purpose, but have absolutely zero fun or redeeming aspects about them other than the absolutely necessary. Prominent members of the I give up on life car club include the Chevrolet Lumina, Ford Taurus, Dodge Stratus, and more recently the Toyota Camry. The Honda Accord would make the list if not for the gallant efforts by its coupe iteration that keep the name from being completely square.

If you’re remotely car-savvy, or sort of familiar with the features of modern cars, you’ll notice that these are all cars that are nondescript four-door sedans that are essentially people movers and a means to an end. Nothing special, the basic of amenities and standards, to move from point A to point B in as much obscurity as possible.

You don’t drive any car in the I give up on life club for fun, enjoyment or leisure. Period.

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