I always have unusual and lucid dreams at my parents’ house

Maybe its the ambient noise from the dehumidifier in my old basement, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m in completely pitch black darkness.  Maybe its the old blankets I used to use when I lived here nine years ago, on top of the mattresses which used to be my old bed.

Apparently, much like how I’ve signed up, or planned to be participating in many more runs and obstacle courses, in this dream, I had been running in several different zombie runs.  For all I know, this girl might have been one of the actual zombies I ran past just a few weeks ago.  But for intents and purposes, I had apparently run in zombie runs in Virginia, Toronto, Miami and Boston.  Each time, I noticed that I came across this one girl who was always participating in her own right, as a zombie.

The encounters were always brief, since I always in escape mode most of the time, but with this girl, I always lingered.  Whether it was because I was playing possum, or it was a one-on-one encounter, leading me to take my time and attempt to get up in their grill before trying to get around them.  The fact of the matter was that I kept running into the same girl several times over, and she was apparently appealing to me, even all dressed up as a zombie.

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What appears to be Occupy Atlanta

I saw this while I was walking to the North Avenue MARTA station on my way out of town this weekend.  My first thought was “there’s got to be an Apple store that I was unaware of, and these people are probably all camping in line with hopes to be the first people to get the iPad 3.”

And then I noticed the police tape around the groups of tents.  And on a sunny day, as well as the tents that were vented open, one would have to be blind to not notice that pretty much all the tents were empty, devoid of any occupants at all.  But the thing is, I still had no idea what these tents were here for in the first place.

I asked a security guard inside the station what the tents were about, and he gruffly responded “protesting.”  Upon clarification of what these empty tents were protesting, I learned “corporate greed.”  Oh, so this is Occupy Atlanta?

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