Now I’m off to save the galaxy

Despite the fact that I’ve owned the one game I’d been looking forward to for such a very long time for over two weeks now, I haven’t played it yet.  I’ve moved all my Mass Effect 1 & 2 data from one Xbox to another, which was a time-consuming act.  I’ve downloaded all of the shit that came along with the Collector’s Edition, which was a time-consuming act.  I’ve downloaded whatever patches already exist for the game, which was yet more time consumed.  But I haven’t actually started playing Mass Effect 3 yet!

That becomes rectified twenty seconds after I hit “Publish” on this post.  I am now embarking on a journey of intergalactic adventure and probably some virtual sexy time.  Anyone who thinks they can deviate me from such a path meets the fate of what is visually explained above.  The galaxy needs me.