A preview picture

Nothing says a happy wedding like trolloping around the cemetery for pictures of the wedding party.  Wonderful times.

This is one of approximately 200 photographs I took this past weekend.  They are all RAW files, and are immensely huge.  Needless to say, the days of mowing through 150+ jpegs shot with a sub-7.2MP point-and-shoot with ThumbsPlus are pretty much a distant memory.  That being said, I’m going to need a little bit of time before I post the entire set up, and I’m thinking I might break it apart between the pre-wedding, and the wedding itself.

Tonight, I decided to be responsible and do my taxes.  Best Buy digital software downloading doesn’t make it any easier, and I hate them forever even more as a result, but at least it’s done.  However, that’s one more night where I still haven’t seen the season finale of The Walking Dead, I’m going to miss RAW, and it looks unlikely that I’m going to play any ME3 either.  But still plenty of time to get this preview picture up.  The rest will come eventually, but soon, as I do not slack that hard.  With the bride and groom off for weeks, I feel no urgency to get them up.