Photos: Carolyn & Joe’s Wedding

One by one, I watch as my closest friends all get married while I haven’t had a substantial date in over a  year now.  Que sera, sera.

No matter.  It was a joyous occasion that I got to enjoy the dubious honor of being a groomsman to the wedding of two of my closest friends, having known the bride since the seventh grade, and the groom since the eighth.  Unlike the popular notion that weddings are a drag and that they’re all boring and superficial, on the contrary, I happen to like them very much, even more so if those getting married are my own friends.  It’s always fun to see friends and acquaintances dressed to the nines, and the festive atmosphere which leads to people often putting on their best behavior.  A little bit of class doesn’t hurt nobody, on occasion.

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A periodical reminder to myself

It’s not that like I really want to keep a mentality that I think I’m better than everyone else around me, but I certainly do believe that in order for me to not lose my mind or get overly stressed out, I simply need to have lower expectations for well, pretty much everyone.  On a daily basis, I feel a sense of disappointment, aggravation and/or dumbfounded-ness by the actions and behavior of  random people of the world.

I think that if I take the metaphoric bar, and significantly drop it about fifty feet, I won’t so often put myself in a situation where I should feel so down on the world, because that’s simply what should be expected.

Everyone is to be assumed stupid until proven otherwise.  It’s more like a mantra than a self-reminder, I guess.