I may just die this weekend

Without question, this is the hottest weather I’ve ever been exposed to in my entire life. And with me planning on going to the two remaining day baseball games where the expected weather is more of the same of this, I seriously think that there is a small chance, that I could die this weekend. That’s really all.

It’s funny how things turn out in time

Last weekend, I was up in NOVA during the trip I couldn’t get back from, and I went to a baseball game with my dad.  During the drive up to Frederick, Maryland, we got stuck in the typical I-270 traffic, due to the fairly abrupt ending of the third lane.  It’s not like my dad and I have a ton of things to talk about in the first place, especially with the language difficulties between us in the first place.

For whatever reason, my dad decided to start a topic which was akin to my mom and aunts always badgering me about how I need to get married and start popping out grandkids.  The fact that it was coming from my dad was a little strange, but I guess deep down, he too wants to have some mighty grandchildren to carry on the Hong family name and bloodline, but truthfully my dad is fantastic with babies really.

It started with him bringing up a girl I went to elementary and high school with and even the same church, who is the same age as I am, and her dad is friends with my dad.  And how about she’s now engaged, and that he was invited to the wedding as guests of the parents I guess.  But then he said that she’s marrying a Vietnamese guy, and I just kind of snort-laugh, you know the sound I’m talking about.  A Korean girl marrying a Vietnamese guy, it’s laughable to me, kinda.

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You heard it here first

I’ve been watching America’s Got Talent this season, because I’m a Howard Stern fan, and it’s been kind of unavoidable. But anyway, the people in the photograph are “Eric & Olivia,” a music duo with Eric on guitar, and Olivia doing vocals.  To their credit, I liked their act, and I think Olivia is definitely a pleasant singer, and I find her to be quite beautiful.  But the operative word in that statement is “act,” because I think that’s precisely what’s going on here.

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I realize I’m about to embark on a period

Where I will be either busy fervently doing chores around my home, or preparing for guests or parties, and preparing for yet another Peachtree Road Race throughout the next two weeks.  And that’s if work isn’t too interfering with my personal ambitions.

But needless to say, I have a feeling that I’m going to fall behind in my brogging pursuits in this time being, and I’ve already got a small cache building up; 79 pictures from my latest and most tedious-to-return Virginia trip, a ballpark in Frederick, Maryland visited and needing incorporation into my baseball website, among the random thoughts floating through my head at any given time that warrant posting.  I’ll likely be taking some photos over this weekend, and throughout the holiday week as well.  So I fully foresee myself feeling the brogging bulge over the next two weeks.

Above is a photo panorama that I whipped up while at the Braves vs. Yankees game.  It’s an angle not seen frequently, and it’s rare that Turner Field gets this packed on any basis, even with rain in the atmosphere.

It’s days like today that makes me not want to travel anymore

It’s funny because tomorrow’s fuckyou o’clock is listed as “on time.” Of course it’s on time, nobody wants to get up at 3:30 in the fucking morning to travel. But really, for whatever reason, the entire planet is traveling today, and I can’t make any headway on the standby list, and I’m positive I’m shit out of luck and will have to spend an extra night in Virginia.

It’s nice that Atlanta’s the base, because I have the veritable pick of flights anywhere, but it also fucking blows that Atlanta’s the base because getting back involves every fucking person on the planet needing to layover there first.

I saw something amazing today

Today, for the first time in about 25 consecutive episodes, the bitch was excused.

I am indeed, talking about the campy reality dating show, Excused.  Since I’ve now refused to watch NFL Network Ocho AKA ESPN any further, my options at the gym are kind of limited.  Atlanta news is always depressing, because it’s the same daily song and dance of some shooting in some black neighborhood, and a bunch of crime and death in the Metro area.  So by default, it’s tuning into Peachtree TV, and waiting for Black Family Feud to begin, which always ends up being the last five minutes of Excused.

I won’t sugar coat it either, it’s because of this show that know who Iliza Shlesinger is; even if she speaks from one side of her face as if she had a stroke at some point in her life, I find her breasts to be exquisite, and I think she’s a sharp-witted comic, great at grilling the contestants on the show.  But anyway, I’ve been seeing the end of every episode for the better parts of the last two months, and without fail, I have never seen a woman contestant get the ultimate screw-job and get ditched at the pool at the very end of the “contest.” That is, until today.  It was very gratifying to see happen, because bitches are rotten people too, and it is small proof, that some men, actually do have standards too.

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