Professional gamers LOL

One thing that has been absolutely hilarious to me lately is the raging that people do when it comes to arguing over professional gamers as if they were professional athletes. The story is a little old now, but about a month or so ago, there was a “professional” League of Legends player who was given a one-year ban for being what most 22-year old mouth-breathing internet-dwelling socially inept male virgin gamers are: a dick. In the midst of this all, there’s a pathetic little internet verbal battle royale about how it’s right, how it’s wrong, and then there are the people that just show up to troll for the sake of trolling and other dickish behavior because most of the people involved in these barbs are just like the guy that was banned in the first place: dicks.

Throughout all of this, I can’t help but take some steps back and look at the scenario in context: many people arguing over the banning of a guy who plays video games that managed to go so overboard with his toxic conduct to where someone of authority actually did something about it.

Take a few steps more back: many people are arguing over a kid who plays video games.

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