Was the Clock King really a villain?

It makes me happy when things go the way they are supposed to, when things run smoothly.

This statement implies that the vast majority of times, things are not going the way they are supposed to, and that things are not always running smoothly, because I am not happy on a more regular basis.

Case in point: just the other night, I had a sequence of tasks planned: stop at Goodwill and drop off donation bags, eat BBQ, clean house.  Simple enough.  I get to Goodwill well within business hours, but the doors are locked and there’s a handwritten note on the door saying “BACK IN 15 MIN” as if it were a fucking lemonade stand.  I didn’t even wait 15 seconds before I left, feeling disgusted at the simple fact that there were people so incapable of doing their menial job, that they had to close shop temporarily.  As a result of this component not going the way it was supposed to go, the remainder of my tasks had to be altered somewhat, and my agenda post-errands were delayed by 15 minutes.

15 minutes doesn’t sound like a whole lot of time, but I fucking treasure my time.  That was 15 minutes I could have spent getting ahead of schedule, so that I could have more time for myself later on.  15 minutes of extra sleep in the morning goes a long way throughout the course of a day.

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