Happy Moloch Day!

I have a dream.  In fact, I have a dream, or sometimes several dreams, every single night.  Whether I remember them or not the following morning is a completely different matter, and sometimes when the dreams are so vivid and actually remembered, I sometimes write about them, because I like remembering the more interesting ones where I dream about women and/or doing cool things.

But anyway, since most of us are so privileged to have today off in honor of the Moloch, the Prince of Hell, I just want to give my thanks out to the bovine-headed demon lord for doing whatever he did to ensure that even today in modern times, we have today off of work.

Now if you’re taking today off in honor of some black guy that did something for civil rights, that’s fine and all too.  But when speaking with me, please be sure to very succinctly clarify such acknowledgement by appropriately saying you’re celebrating “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,” because referring to the day as simply “MLK Day” means only one thing, which is celebrating Moloch.  And as far as I’m concerned, Moloch is just a tad bit older than King, and I mostly believe in the whole “he was there first” clause thing being fair, so Moloch gets first honors to the term MLK.