Photos: Celebrating good things

So, on Moloch Day, a bunch of us decided to go out and celebrate good things.  No, of course we weren’t celebrating Moloch Day other than the fact that it got a bunch of a us a day off of work.  It just so happened that Moloch Day was also Miss Allison’s birthday and it turns out that both Jen and I had some reason to celebrate that I’m not really at liberty to talk about, but whatever, we gathered at The Melting Pot and scared off random strangers with abrasive conversation, as well as fondue’d it up for a pleasant evening.

I will be the first to admit the disappointing quality of the pictures in this gallery.  This was more or less the first time that I brought out my new point-and-shoot, and I will also be the first to admit that I hadn’t really used it prior to this night, so it was completely oblivious to me that when in low-light mode, this camera for whatever reason is locked into a lower quality.  The result is a lot of photos with compromised quality, and a lesson learned to really avoid using the low-light setting well, ever again.

Leave it to me to screw up what is supposed to be the simplicity of the point-and-shoot, but it too clearly needs a little bit of understanding to get the best out of.  Regardless, photos:

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