Yeah, that lasted what, two weeks?  Despite my declaration that I wouldn’t get any more belts, I actually did happen to stumble upon the last belt that I was remotely interested in.  And much like the Big Gold Belt, it was priced for more than I would be normally willing to pay for it, but it had the option for a Best Offer, and floated a lowball offer that required very little negotiating over ten bucks to come to a selling price.  And here we stand: championship belt number nine.

It’s the ECW Television Championship belt, which was made famous when Rob Van Dam won it from Bam Bam Bigelow, and held it for just under two straight years.  He never actually lost the belt, and it was stripped from him when he suffered a legitimate broken ankle, and it was apparent that the company couldn’t afford to keep the title off of television when there were storylines to be moved along.  But it was 23 months of mostly excellent Rob Van Dam matches of him in his prime, having classic bouts with guys like Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm, Sabu and each of the Dudley Boyz, giving some good legitimacy to it.

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Just know that I want to say something about this

I really, really want to write something about this story about how IKEAs in mainland China are being raided on a regular basis by mainlanders who invade the stores, and abuse the showrooms and display furniture by taking naps in the beds, lay all over the sofas, and let their kids run around unsupervised. About how it’s completely uncivilized, inconsiderate and disgusting, but mostly just how uncivilized it all is.

Despite the fact that there’s so much I’d really want to actually say, the only words that seem capable of formulating in my head are unfriendly remarks about how barbaric and uncivilized the Chinese are, that the world really doesn’t have a lot to fear about their secluded society plotting anything grander than scheming to get into IKEA before others so they can camp the beds, and other insensitive remarks about how Koreans are vastly superior on so many levels over the Chinese.

So, I guess I won’t say anything at all about the matter.