Affirmative failure to act upon equality

Instead of bitching about how much I hate PowerPoint again, I thought about the root of the cause for my hatred: I work with people that think PowerPoint is the greatest fucking concept on the planet. When I delve deeper and think about these people, I come to the conclusion that I work with people wholly unqualified, uneducated, and incapable of their positions, which begs to eventually ask the question of how these people got their jobs. And the answer to that, is sadly the easiest to hypothesize.

I recently read an article about how in Fulton County, the current workforce diversity breakdown currently stands at 83% black, 9% white, with the remaining 6% being “other,” AKA Asians and Hispanics. I live in Fulton County. Fulton County is pretty large overall, so these same statisticians saw it fit to isolate and examine just the City of Atlanta, which is within Fulton County. And within Atlanta itself, it breaks down to 75% black, 9% white, and 16% other.

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Photos: Colorado Springs and more Denver

The following camera dump is the remainder of the photographs I took whilst out in Colorado.  The second day of my trip, I ventured out to Colorado Springs with the main objective being the minor league park located there.  But at the same time, it was a good excuse to see the world a little bit, and I wandered about Colorado Springs to see what this city had to offer.

Beautiful nature, that was for sure; I found a place called “The Garden of Gods,” and there was no way I couldn’t check it out.  Although I probably only saw about a thirtieth of the place, I still spent some time walking and hiking some of their trails, and took in some of the mountainous sights.  And before I headed back into suburbia to see the ballpark, I passed through Old Colorado City, an old town that I honestly do not know the historical significance of.

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Smooth as a good scotch

Yeah, I know, gushing about how awesome a day was, is so 2001 brogging.  But it occurs to me just how rare it is that I find myself having what seems to be a genuinely good day; not to sound overly pessimistic, it just really does feel that way to me.

Anyway, I made a day trip up to Detroit, to catch a baseball game.  And anyone who’s paying attention should know by now that “going to go see a baseball game” usually entails going to see the city.  That being said, I had never been to Detroit, let alone Michigan in my entire life, and a baseball game was as good as excuse as any to tackle two goals at the same time.

Eventually, I’ll update my baseball parks page with the ballpark I went to watch the Braves lose in this time, but I just can’t really get over how smooth of a day everything went for me.  I ain’t even mad that the Braves lost.  I ain’t even mad that I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. in order to make this day even happen.  Everything else just went so well, that it’s put me in a fantastic mood.

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Lowered expectations

The impetus: State of Georgia’s HOPE scholarship AKA the free in-state school tuition available to children with a B average, has lowered the grant qualifications from a 3.0 B average to a 2.0 C average.

You know what I had coming to me when I brought home C’s?  An ass-whoopin.

Okay, maybe not a real ass-whoopin, but I certainly would have preferred an ass-whoopin if it meant I didn’t have to deal with the mind-fucking my mom would give me with her disappointed behavior and passive-aggressive self-loathing at raising such a mediocre child.  When your own mother doesn’t really want to talk to you because you brought home a C, it makes you feel a little bit like shit, and develop a complex for getting C’s, let alone anything worse.  C’s may as well have been F’s, because it really didn’t change the way my mom acted.

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Photos: Denver Trip, Coors Field

For my birthday, I ventured out to Denver, Colorado, a city and state I’ve never been to in my life.  Obviously, baseball was on my agenda, but it was also a perfect excuse to get to see and catch up with a long-time friend that lives out there now.  Who was gracious enough to show me the ins and outs of the Downtown Denver area before I headed off to go watch baseball at Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, and ballpark #23 on my list to eventually see all 30 Major League Baseball parks.

As a whole, I liked Denver as a city.  It feels like the vast populous of people are kind on the young spectrum, and I can’t recall seeing too many actual families and older people in general.  For the matter, the diversity in the city seemed a bit lacking in comparison to what I see on a regular basis in my daily life.  In other words, not a whole lot of black folk; but not a whole lot of other demographics either for the matter.  And of course, there’s the whole pot thing; now aside from the occasional drink, I’m pretty much clean as a whistle, but far be it for me to criticize the Romans in Rome.  It kind of makes the place kind of relaxed, if not devoid of any chips in any convenience stores late at night.

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Real Men Don’t Wear Small update: Colorado

The journey continues on in the 2013 season, with, depending on how you want to look at it, is either my first official ballpark trip of the season, or unless seeing Marlins Park for a WBC game should count in its own right.  But whatever, I made a trip out to Colorado, where I was able to visit and see baseball at MLB park #22 on my journey, Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies.

And because I’m such a baseball hipster that likes minor league ball more nowadays, I also made a secondary trip, 70 miles south of Denver to Colorado Springs, to see a game at Security Service Field, the home of the Rockies’ AAA affiliates, the Sky Sox.