Sexism hypocrisy

I can’t say that in spite of my enjoyment of League of Legends, I’m not an active member of the LoL community in the least bit.  I don’t participate in forums, and I don’t take “the sport” the least bit seriously.  However, I admit that I’m more aware of LoL-happenings on a somewhat regular basis, because I do find enjoyment in LoL-related memes, and I frequent a couple sites that update fairly regularly and frequently, providing me some sometimes ok LoL-related content.  However, amidst the funny pictures is the occasional nod to current events in the League community.  Usually it’s something involving a professional player and their non-League activities.

But recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about a “pro-team” that consists of nothing but female members and is boasting that they’re the first all-female League of Legends professional team.  But most importantly, they made this overly-produced promotional video of themselves, that the community has apparently taken a great amount of relish in ripping apart and making fun of.

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