Vanity plate futility lols

Personally, I think that if you cannot get the vanity plate that you want, you should just give up.  But unfortunately not everyone would agree with my opinion, and when the going gets tough, the tough start seeking out substitutes.  Most often times it involves replacing letters with numbers, and at that point, you may as well be trying to get the screen name you really want on AOL or any MMO game.  After all, without the linguistically tenacious, the world would have been denied such clever tags such as “L3GOLAS” and “5KELETOR.”

This morning I saw a car that whipped out in front of me haphazardly that had a vanity plate that read “BL355D.”  It took me a long longer than it probably should have to decipher it, because initially I saw the “BL” and I figured it was just another poorly veiled black-power vanity plate that passes through the ironic double-standard of what’s allowed in the state of Georgia.  But then it finally dawned on me that it was a variant of the word “BLESSED.”

Oh, another “I’M RELIGIOUS PRAISE THE LORD” plate, I get it now.  Religious themed plates are probably the second-most frequently seen vanity plates I see on the roads which are often ironic (or is it?) consider the people driving these cars are often times the most despicable drivers I ever witness.

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