LeBlanc staff construction progress: 06

Today, we dive into the wonderful adventures of sanding things that have been Shell Shocked. I would also like to point out that if you could hear me saying that phrase, it would be dripping in sarcasm and with facetiousness, because it is fact that sanding things, especially with complex curves and intricate patterns, absolutely blows.

But it is also an integral part of the construction process, and as much as I’d like to avoid it, it really cannot be. At least not without having an end product that I would probably classify as sub-standard.

So, due to a lot of the complex nature of the design of the staff, I knew that I would be a whole lot of hand sanding, to get into the little cracks and crevices of some of the parts of the crown. And when I hand sand things, I like to do it in parts, as in using a very high-grit paper to really smooth things down, and then gradually working down from 60 grade to 320 grade. I’ll confess that I grew so tired of sanding, that I eventually skipped using 120 grade altogether, except in troublesome spots that refused to smooth down.

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