Oh, Atlanta

Long story short: Armed man attempts to rob a group of people waiting outside of a shoe store for the new LeBron James shoes only to be killed by one of the people who happened to have a firearm of his own.

It’s reading stories like that that bring a sadistic smile to my face at just how stupidly silly and predictable people can be. I’d say it sucks that someone died in his fracas, but considering the guy was a petty wannabe thug who strived to steal from others, I’d say the world is better off without this cretin being around, or clogging up the penal system with tax dollars of the responsible sustaining his worthless life.

Seriously though, there pretty much isn’t one thing about this whole scenario that isn’t ironically funny to me. But the one thing that I think was the funniest part of this whole story, I’m willing to bet might have been lost on others, due to the fact that there was shooting and death involved, but the fact that the eyewitness interviewed in this report claims to have been waiting since Monday for the release of the shoes.

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