Photos: A day in Jacksonville, Florida

The pursuit of bobbleheads took me down to Jacksonville, Florida for the first time in my life.  This was kind of a shoddily put together trip, as the only thing I had genuinely planned for was to go to the ballpark in the evening, so that I could get this rare oddity of a bobblehead of Chipper Jones in his high school uniform, since it was a prep school in Jacksonville.

That being said, I literally had nothing to do all day prior to going to the ballpark mega early to ensure that I would get my bobblehead(s).  After I found a place to eat breakfast, I walked around a tiny park, because Google maps showed that it housed a creek known as “Hogan Creek,” and as anyone should know about me now, I’m fascinated with anything with the name “Hogan” in it for my Hulkamaniac roots.

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