Dragon*Con 2013 Pictures: Sunday

Oh, Sunday night of Dragon*Con, the last night of the convention we so look forward to for an entire year.  Often times it’s the night we let the most loose, and for some of us (me) it’s the night we tend to get the drunkest.  Fortunately for me, there was no Four Loko in the house this year, so there was absolutely no way I was going to get a retarded drunk as I had gotten in previous years.  However, I did have a snazzy mason jar full of peach moonshine that I was sharing shots with, with several friends and acquaintances, and it appeared to go over pretty well with everyone.  I will definitely have to make a stop for more of this the next time I am passing through South Carolina.

A funny thing happened on Sunday of this year’s Dragon*Con.  In all of the years that I’d been attending, I couldn’t remember a single time when it actually rained substantially during the convention itself.  Maybe a morning drizzle or some light sprinkling, but never before had I seen a year where there was some spontaneous torrential downpour, and people fleeing into hotels and anywhere they could get refuge from the rain.

But anyway, this is a picture post, so I’ll keep the words to a minimum.  I’ll see about putting down my thoughts of the convention as a whole at another time perhaps, or unless I do it before posting this one on a timer, but forgetting to go back and delete this paragraph, lol.  Whatever happens, happens!

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Dragon*Con 2013 Pictures: Saturday (LoL candids)

But of course I had a secondary camera I had on me while taking part of the League of Legends shooting!

The good news is that instead of my busted old Sony Cybershot I had for a secondary camera, I had something that was able to at least take shots in focus.  However, it’s still a plain point-and-shoot, so the flash tends to eat things alive, but at least the subjects were in focus.

Much like last year, since there’s a lot of waiting and standing around, while rangling LoL costumers and taking turns with who’s shooting with the marvelous Joseph Chi Lin, I figure there’s plenty of time to take random candid shots of my friends as well as other LoL costumers.  And sweet merciful jesus were there a lot of LoL costumers hanging around this year.

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