Dragon*Con 2013 Parting Thoughts

Overall, I can say that Dragon*Con was a pretty good time, and about what I expect out of the D*C experience on a yearly basis.  I got to see and hang out with a bunch of people, I took a lot of pictures, and I shared good food and drink with decent folks.  Sometimes I think it’s a little absurd that I dump a ton of money into doing such things, but eh, it’s once a year, why the heck not?

A couple of notable things happened during my weekend – like spending most of Friday night at the hospital because one of my friends called me and explained his dire need to go to urgent care out of the blue (nothing severe, but still necessary).  Then there was the ironically good sense of mind I had on one night to decide to sleep on the floor that prevented me from getting puked on that makes me realize how lucky I was on one evening.  And then there’s the always fun instances of watching a fellow nerd decide to handcuff himself in proposed matrimony that always is a joyous occasion at D*C.  Hospitals, puking and engagements, oh my.

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