Reconsideration of Final Fantasy rankings

It’s widely perceived that Final Fantasy III/VI (which I will refer to as “6” from here on out) is the most popular Final Fantasy in the series. In fact, although I can’t find the source off the top of my head, but it was widely shared over the span of last year, that 6 won a fan-vote tournament of which FF was the most popular of the series.

Me, being the contrarian type that typically pushes the brakes and tends to lean away from things that are popular after over-analysis and trite reasoning sometimes, kind of scoffed at the notion. It was kind of a no-brainer, since it really was going to be either 6 or 7, but for what it’s worth, I’m simply glad that 7 didn’t win. Personally, my favorite has always been 4, with my rationale being a level of challenge that seemed to be missing in every FF afterward, and the fact that it really was one the first FF I ever had, when it was released for the SNES as Final Fantasy II.

For whatever reason, I was having an emo-ey morning where I was thinking about how much of a loner I am, and then I began to hear the theme of Shadow from 6 in my head, because he’s also a loner, and well the spaghetti-western style of his theme ruled. From there, I began to think about Shadow’s character, and then the mental snowball began rolling and now I have seven Final Fantasy Wikia tabs open in my browser reminiscing about 6 outright.

But it got me thinking about a lot of little things about the story of 6, and then I began to conclude that the story itself really wasn’t that deep, but when it came to the myriad of individuals available in the game, 6 really had a wealth of quality in character development. Suddenly, I’m prioritizing mentally, if 6 really might be the best Final Fantasy of them all.

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