Attempting to harness the power of CHDK

Despite the fact that I’m not particularly good at photography, I have two cameras.  Ignoring the obvious Asian joke, one is a DSLR, and the other is a point-and-shoot (Canon A3400) that I got to have as a backup camera, or for events and occasions where I still want to take pictures but a DSLR is not logically feasible.

Over the last two years, I guess I’ve grown accustomed to the quality that my DSLR is capable of shooting, so I’ve grown ever critical and dissatisfied with anything shot with my 3400 in comparison.  I like the idea of having a secondary camera that I can take pictures with, because despite the fact that I’m generally pleased with the quality of photos my iPhone takes, I’m always impulsively paranoid that taking too many pictures will tax and bog down my iPhone and suck the battery dry in a critical time.

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