It kind of makes me feel a little old(er) but still, lolz

Today is one of those days where I don’t really feel like I have anything really good to write about.  On any given day, I like to try and have something floating or swirling around my head to be able to turn into something of a substantial brog post.  I kind of had an idea about writing about eulogies and something that would kind of come off sounding morose and a little bit towards the macabre, but honestly, I didn’t think I could really make something substantial out of it.  So on times like that, I simply turn to the internet, and see if anything piques my attention and gets some writer’s synapses popping.

So I stumbled across this story, about a guy (Guy) who snuffed out a potential relationship via text message, and the girl (Girl) getting so incensed and ragey, that she went on this gigantic monumental diatribe about how she’s young and successful and that she didn’t need him, and then proceeded to apparently screen cap some of his possibly racy, but more just flirtatiously suggestive text messages and sent it off to his employers in an attempt to shame him amongst his peers and probably to try and get him fired.

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