In praise of good art

My friend Katie sent me this link the other day, and I don’t necessarily remember the context behind it, although I think involved overzealous costumers. Regardless, I found the artwork of these tattoo-style Disney princess pin-ups to be wonderful, and I think that they’re all visually alluring and magnificently executed. Personally, my favorite Disney princess has always been Snow White, which I can’t really explain beyond an aesthetic preference of colors and appearance, in comparison to the others.

Anyway, I was captivated by the artwork, and wished to see more, so it prompted me to Google the artist, Tim Shumate, which efficiently led to his portfolio site where I could peruse through more of it.

Personally, it’s my belief that we often times take things on the internet for granted, and are not quick or willing to drop someone a line when it comes to sharing some appreciation. Since Tim had a contact form available on his site, I dropped him a brief message telling him how much I loved his stuff, and here I am brogging about it on top of it, because I wanted something to write about, and his stuff puts me in a pleasant mood and makes me want to write about it to share with more people.

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