Nope, no remorse at all

I know it’s all over the news lately, but I just felt like saying a little something about the whole New York bikers story that provoked an altercation that led to a person getting run over and paralyzed and a man beaten viciously in front of wife and daughter.

The bikers in question, in every way, shape and form, are fucked.  The only injustice that can come out of this whole situation is if the driver of the Range Rover is charged with absolutely anything, or has to pay a single dime.

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I know it’s not right to laugh, but…

Long story short: Bus driver in Tacoma, Washington has a brain fart while driving an empty school bus, plows into pickup truck as well as another school bus. Thankfully nobody is hurt.

Yes, this is a story that really sucks for all those involved, but the fact of the matter, nobody is going to get around a couple of things, and is probably the reason why this is making the rounds on the internets recently as it has been:

  • The driver of the bus that was hit appears to be around 116 years old
  • The driver of the bus that caused the accident appears to be around 850 lbs.

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