I hope I’m wrong about this

But upon finally watching the conclusion of last week’s RAW, I’m going to say that the steam has just been released out of the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton/Best for Business storyline.  When Orton confronted Brie Bella in the back was one thing, but as soon as Brie Bella ran out to ringside to helplessly plead with Orton and then watch him beat down on Daniel Bryan, the entire storyline to me, went from one that was a test to see if Bryan Danielson the performer, could hold the WWE’s torch in a time of need, to one that is now being used to conveniently hype the continuation of Total Divas.

I really hope I’m wrong about it, because as a fan, the rise of Daniel Bryan is the best thing that has happened to the WWE in quite some time.  This is the first year in numerous years where wrestling has managed to keep a hold of my attention on weekly basis throughout an entire baseball season, and I’m making conscious efforts to keep up with weekly shows, even if I am DVR-skipping most of the actual action, just to see where the storylines are going.  Because that’s what’s the best thing about wrestling now – the interesting storylines.

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