Vacation, in brief

My Disney vacation was a great time.  I’m sure I’ll elaborate on several aspects of it in future posts as I comb through the litany of pictures taken during the trip, but I just wanted to artificially inflate my own brog post count by posting something fluffy and inconsequential, not to mention that I’ve got a little bit of downtime at work, and it seems like a good idea at the time.

I can’t really say that there was anything bad about the trip, so by default it means that it was a very good vacation as a whole.  Staying on Disney property was interesting and a somewhat educational experience, at the Wilderness Lodge, and I loved the idea of being privy to Magic Hours as resort guests, even if the one time we were at Epcot during a Magic Hour, we hardly got much privilege out of it, but it means something to look forward to in future years.

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