Photos: Disney Vacation

Y’know, I thought that there would be more to elaborate on when I got to posting the pictures, but it’s really nothing I haven’t already said in the previous post, summing things up.

The trip to Florida was as pleasant as I had hoped it would have been, and I don’t really have any complaints.  I spent a good bit of coin on a whole lot of food and more food, and lots of alcohol, and I rode a lot of roller coasters, got sunburned, and had a fun trip.  And despite taking a vacation from my vacation with a day spent mostly by the pool, I still found myself somewhat exhausted and slept for almost 12 hours in a single night this weekend.

Looking through these pictures makes me realize that there’s a long, long, long, long path ahead of me if I ever want to feel like I’ve got somewhat adequate control over my own camera, since a good 20% of the pictures taken were blurry beyond belief and therefore unusable.  But I kept in a few here and there, because hey, there was some drunken shenanigans, and the blur only adds to the accuracy of how such things might’ve felt.

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