Why do some people insist on going by their middle names?

I have a co-worker who goes by “Dan.” Furthermore, he sits right behind me. Additionally, he also does more or less the exact same thing that I do, except he’s like twenty-five years older than me, addled by a litany of physical ailments and is far less competent and adept at the software we use than I am; this is not opinion, it is genuine fact.

Never mind the old man rants that come from him, reminiscing about the days of when Quark was the standard, and how all today’s Adobe software sucks in comparison, or back when he was in the military, or whenever something political in the news happens and he feels the need to voice his opinion to the rest of our group. My objection with him is simply the fact that he goes by “Dan,” because that’s not his actual name. It’s his middle name.

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