PSA: Even if you flush before you piss, FLUSH AFTER

This post helps if you imagine it being yelled to you by Bernie Mac (R.I.P.)

What is WRONG with you motherfuckers that can’t seem to grasp this idea?

I don’t understand men who think it’s perfectly adequate to flush the commode before or during their urination, and then walk away afterward, often times leaving a bowl full of piss behind them.  The fuck is wrong with you people?

Flush the fucking toilet after you use it.  It’s as simple as that.  It doesn’t matter if you flushed it before you used it, flush it again after you used it.  It’s not calculus, it’s not even fucking math.  It’s a simple concept of disposing of your waste for the sanitation and consideration of others.  I will never understand why there are people who can’t seem to grasp this very simple concept.

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