Stop and say whoa

Sometimes as I peruse through eloHell looking through memes and general LoL-related fandom, there are occasional cosplay photographs that pop up from time to time. I like Caitlyn a lot, since my preferred role in the game is that of being an ADC, but she’s still not my go-to champion. That being said, I came across this picture, and I LITRALLY stopped everything, and it was one of those whoa moments.

I don’t know who this girl is, I don’t know what the rest of her costume looks like; whether the gun is good or crap if she has one at all, if her hair is a wig or not, or anything else outside of what I can see in this one photo, but I frankly think she’s absolutely beautiful. I am a sucker for women with large doe eyes, and this Caitlyn here definitely fits the bill.

I think it’s an absolutely lovely photograph of a pretty girl, and you know I’m scraping for things to write about when I’m making posts about randomly found cosplay pictures, but it still says something if a simple photograph is inspiring me to put words down in the first place.