Virginia Tech, Miami and the mass exodus

Whenever one of my teams wins, the rest of the day is pretty much a good one.  Every game watched afterward becomes a little bit more tolerable, and it’s easier to enjoy and appreciate the little things about a game, whether it’s watching an offensive line setting a nice screen, when a pitcher nips the outside corner with an unhittable curveball, or when a basketball player actually makes two consecutive free throws.  It doesn’t matter the sport, whenever a team I favor gets a W, everything else is just a little bit better.

Earlier, Virginia Tech slaughtered Miami, in Miami.  Once #14 now unranked VT marches into what I used to refer to as “SunLiphinSharkRobbiePlayer Stadium,” based on how many times the venue had changed corporate sponsorship but is currently the home to the NFL Dolphins and University of Miami, and slaughters the #11 ranked Hurricanes on their home field.  Whether or not this puts Tech back into the Top-25 is irrelevant, since it’s obvious they’re really not supposed to be anything more than a team in transition, but it’s always a pleasure to see them actually get a win.

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