I bought a Victrola

It’s technically a replica that doesn’t actually play music, but the point remains, I still bought a victrola. I found it cheap on Craigslist completely on a whim, from someone who didn’t live far from where I worked, and I decided that I wanted it. I like the way they look, and I’m a fan of vintage-era stuff like victrolas, and frankly, I think it’s cool to be able to have a victrola on display in my house now.

Okay, and I’ll admit that my infatuation with Mafia Jinx and her flapper dance had something to do with this spontaneous purchase. A little something. Just a little.

So who wants to dress up as, and be my flapper Jinx to take pictures with an actual victrola prop?

Not going to lie, I’m actually really pleased with this impulse buy. Even as replicas, they still sell for like upwards of $150+ on Amazon or eBay.

It makes me happy every time I turn around and see it’s big ass gold horn. I’m not entirely sure what I’m really going to do with it other than have it as a prop for pictures and for it to sit there and look cool, but I’m still glad I have it.