Well I’ll be damned

Long story short: House Bill 459 passes, declaring that it is now a misdemeanor to be puttering down in the left lane on a divided highway.

In other words, it is now a ticketable offense in the state of Georgia to be cruising in the left lane when there are faster cars that would like to pass.  When this bill was initially proposed, I didn’t think it really had any chance to actually pass, as there was too much gray area, too much subjectivity, and too much room for error for it to be a viable law.  It took pretty much an entire calendar year, but not only did it pass, it passed with a landslide margin of 162-9.  Apparently, a lot of legislative talking heads are really passionate about the ability to drive without Driving Miss Daisy clogging up the left lanes.

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Not fair. NOT FAIR.

See this baseball cap?  I want this baseball cap.  I must have this baseball cap.

It is a piece of bacon.  ON A BASEBALL CAP.  A totally legit, NewEra baseball cap.

I have to have this.

There’s one problem, though.  They’re the baseball cap of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, a minor-league team of the Triple-A level.  I’ve been to Allentown PA, to see the home of the Iron Pigs, late last season; nice park, in spite of Nazi-like park employees.  The problem is however, the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are affiliates of the Philadelphia Phillies.  As an Atlanta Braves fan, I very much dislike the Phillies, and if it were up to me, I would like to not support them in any capacity.

But this cap.  It has a piece of bacon on it.

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Parking Wars: Fairfax County

Over the weekend, I was back in my old stomping grounds, visiting my family and some old friends.  That in itself is a whole other story, but one of the things that stuck with me over this last trip was the sheer amount, or lack of parking there seems to be back in ol’ Fairfax County.

Parking has always been an issue up there, with there being vastly way more cars needing to park at places where there is no space, but during this past trip up, it was somehow worse than I’ve ever seen it before.  Granted, in this particular visit, Northern Virginia was still recovering from a lot of snow, with there being monumental banks of snow still unmelted and awaiting a rise in the temperatures for it to fully dissipate, but in so many instances, these giant hills of snow were more or less piled up in parking spaces, curbs, or along sidewalks.  None of this helped the perilous plight of parking, but I can’t imagine that things would be dramatically better if they weren’t around either.

Needless to say, from the time I arrived back in Fairfax County, it didn’t take long for me to see the ridiculousness of how far people went to secure their parking, because there’s frankly so little of it available.

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Pretty sure I disagree with this phrase

I saw someone wearing this statement on a shirt at the gym.  And I am pretty sure that I disagree with it, completely.

Simply put, in my opinion, I interpret the word “obsession” as having taking sort of enjoyment out of the subject being obsessed over, be it anything like Indian food, the Halo series, making and/or watching cat videos on YouTube, to the morbidly extreme, like disemboweling homeless people, assaulting hookers, or torturing small animals.

To some degree, I do not think there is a particularly positive connotation to the word “obsessed,” and is probably grounds for some concern for me, if it were ever directed at me for any reason.

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Sports befuddle the educational pecking order

I don’t watch a whole lot of ESPN, despite the fact that I fancy myself someone interested in sports, because I think ESPN is basically for the most part utter garbage. But when I’m at the gym, and I’m running on the treadmill, I like to have distractions; I have music playing through my iPhone, but occasionally it helps to have some visual distraction as well. And since all the treadmills come equipped with personal televisions, it’s fairly convenient to seek something to watch to help pass the minutes.

Unfortunately, the gym’s television programming is limited to like nine channels, and at any given time, four of them are Wendy Williams, two are the Kardashian show, the others are chintzy intolerable mid-morning talk programming, and then there’s ESPN. If I’m really lucky, it’ll be a day in which the E! network decides to air old episodes of Saved by the Bell, but for the most part, I end up having ESPN on, because Hannah Storm or Jade McCarthy are easy on the eyes, but then I turn the television off when Stephen A. Smith shows up.

Long story short, I admit that I watch a little bit of ESPN. And in that little bit of ESPN, I’ve noticed something that a lot of other people have probably already noticed long before I did, but whatever, I’m writing about it now.

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My, how things have changed

Inevitably, whenever I convene with members of my family, the topic of why I’m single, not married and popping out kids will arise. It’s as predictable as seeing dark clouds form in the sky and expecting precipitation.

This past weekend however, was slightly different. Whether it’s desperation, or acceptance of the times, I was suggested to turn to the unholy internet for my romantic pursuits. I won’t really go into detail why I do not agree with that suggestion, as it’s something I’ve written about many a time before, but I do have to admit it was pretty interesting that they made such a suggestion in general.

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Caption says it all

It’s no secret that when it comes to college sports, I have a team in Virginia Tech, no matter how disappointing they are in football, no matter how mediocre they are in basketball, and no matter how much of a non-factor they are in baseball. However, I have another team that I favor pretty often: whomever is playing against Duke.

Last night, North Carolina defeated Duke, which the fact of that alone is pleasing, but the visuals that accompanied the discovery of such news were absolutely abhorring. After the clock wound down, the people of the Dean Dome stormed the court.

The University of North Carolina stormed the court after defeating Duke in men’s basketball.

Now I believe that there is a lot of importance in the act of storming the court (especially when it’s after defeating Duke), but in addition to the importance of doing it, there’s as much meaning behind in when storming the court isn’t done.

UNC is one of the few basketball programs in the country that should absolutely never storm the court upon defeating Duke. They’re supposed to be Duke’s greatest rivals; equal, if not better, having a superior educational program and students and alumni of a higher class.

Doing it might have seemed cool and like a great idea at the time, but it’s probably going to have some petty, obnoxious (and very much white) repercussions. Articles (again) about opponents storming the court on Duke by the Duke studentpubs, and heaven have mercy on all UNC fans if Duke wins the rematch on March 8 in Durham, because retribution will be insufferable and cringeworthy when Duke fans storm their own court in defeat of Carolina.

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