I kind of hate that the Braves did it like this

Impetus: Atlanta Braves executives organized, planned and brokered deal to move team from Atlanta to Marietta, completely in private.  Admits fear that if the public knew about it, it would have been shot down – which is very likely true.

A notable storyline transpiring in Atlanta these days is that the Atlanta Braves baseball club is planning on abandoning their current home, Turner Field, and moving north into Marietta, where a new ballpark will be constructed.  Long story short, there’s a small amount of people, and a whole fuckton of people that aren’t.

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The carnage continues!

Another day, another truck full of food overturns, crashes, and dumps its contents all over the place.  First, there were hams, then there were chickens, and then beer, and now we’ve got eggs.

I’m not sure why this fascinates me as much as it does, but I guess I think it’s hilarious to see the roads and surrounding area covered in food.  I know it’s horrible that so much food goes to waste, and that these incidents have tons of collateral victims from the drivers themselves, the GDOT people who have to investigate and clean things up, and the thousands of commuters who get slammed in traffic as a result, but the visuals amuse me regardless.

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Photos: MomoCon, day 2

So on the second day of MomoCon, I went back to the kit lens which would give me the vastly needed versatility in a con environment to take pictures with.  The results were somewhat better, and I didn’t have to scrap as many pictures as I did the day prior.

Regardless, more mostly League costumers, and other miscellaneous things that caught my eye, as well as some silliness with friends.

Still no Mafia Jinxes though. ☹

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Photos: MomoCon, day 1

Originally, I wasn’t necessarily intending on going to MomoCon on Friday, but as it turns out my work let out early, and already working close to Downtown, it seemed like a good idea to go see the sights and hang out, instead of sitting in the dawn of holiday traffic and go home and be bored.

It’s a good thing I did too, because it allowed me to get my experimental picture taking out of the way during the “early” time of costumers.  That being said, because I’m a nooby novice with my picture taking still, I actually had to unfortunately scrap a bunch of pictures, because they were too blurry, out of focus, horribly framed or all of the above, and I’d rather not post things that simply aren’t decent quality.

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Talking pictures, MomoCon and its future

This was my favorite picture that I took at MomoCon. It’s slightly out of focus, and the framing on it stinks because I was using a portrait lens and had to take like 15 steps back, and I hate making people wait for me to push the goddamn shutter as it is, so I admittedly rushed it.

However it’s still great because it’s the kind of picture that evokes a real response, in my opinion. I know I take way more pictures of girls than I do guys, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty selective and superficial when it comes to deciding on the things I want to take pictures of, but when the day is over, it’s pictures like Fiddlesticks versus a 6-year old Captain America that really makes me stop and smile at a picture that I took myself.

I could probably drag out a thousand word narrative like a low-rent Stephen King about everything that’s right about this picture, but I’ll just cut to the chase and say that I like this picture because I think it kind of captures the fun that conventions are supposed to be.

As far as picture taking goes, I do believe I have a lot of bad habits I need to break in the future, and that I probably need lots of reinforcement. Namely, I need to take my time. I have this inherent fear that I’m pissing people off if I’m taking too long to shoot a picture, and I know I rush when I feel like I’m inconveniencing someone. Frankly, if a person wants to diva up on me, then I probably wouldn’t want to take their picture anyway. There are way more talented people than me who might put up with it, but I won’t.

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Resident Evil film casting fails

When the film adaptation of Resident Evil came out in 2002, I could easily say that I was pleased. Everyone knows the stigma of failure that is typically expected that of video game-inspired movies, but RE, in my opinion, did a great job of using the game series as inspiration, but for the most part, going in their own direction with a story. All characters were original, but the concept was the same, almost as if it were feasible that this story could have very easily occurred during the events of the game. Nods to the series were given throughout the film, be it through little things, like the design of the transport train, as well as more blatant things, like the inclusion of a Licker as the “boss” of the movie.

Resident Evil made a decent flick, because it wasn’t trying to be the exact game, portrayed in film.

I also had the hugest crush on Milla Jovovich, until I heard her speak in the director’s commentary.

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The chaos of subjectively judging Georgia cities

Real estate blog Movoto listed the “10 Best Places to Live in Georgia,” and it’s mostly filled with towns and cities on the outskirts of Atlanta.  Notably absent are any towns or cities within Atlanta “proper,” also known as “inside the perimeter (Interstate 285)” also known as “ITP.”

This, naturally has those who live ITP and think they rule the state completely up in arms, and when things happen that they don’t agree with, they do something about it: bitch about it on the internet.

Now I’m not entirely sure which side of which fence I stand on, but since I think I sometimes lean on the chaotic neutral side of the spectrum, ultimately I think I can find a bone to pick with all involved parties in this little online e-fracas.

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